New Bar Alert: Take 5 Rhythm and Jazz Tapas Lounge

March 25, 2013

Take heed, friends of the Warehouse District: We have a new place to dine and drink!

Per Channel 5:

In the spirit of Andy’s Jazz Club in Chicago and the Blue Note in New York comes Take 5 Rhythm and Jazz Tapas Lounge, Cleveland’s newest and only jazz club in the Warehouse District.  Take 5 is located at 740 W Superior Ave.

The club features a subdued atmosphere where patrons can relax at the room-length bar or sit anywhere throughout the club, all while enjoying live rhythm and blues or jazz. Co-owner Brian Gresham said you never know who you might see up there.

“From dignitaries to musicians from up and coming people that you might see for the first time here and in a couple years say ‘Hey, I was in Take 5, I remember when they cut their teeth and they cut them at Take 5.’”

Cleveland’s Sherena Wynn has helped shape the local jazz scene. She’s performed at Take 5 and thinks the new club has a lot to offer patrons. She also sees a benefit for traditional local artists.

“A lot of the clubs that have live entertainment are starting to be bombarded with younger musicians, so it’s a place where the older musicians can come and just freestyle jazz.”

“The food…we really don’t want to forget about the food,” said co-owner Claude Carson.

Carson hopes the food will be as big a draw as the music. The portions aren’t meant to be full sized meals but prepared fresh and fast.

Take 5′s grand opening is Thursday, March 21.

“We do offer what we call tappas, or small plate items, that work very well for instance with a group of four.  You may want to order four or five different items and kinda share them. Much more of a communal dining experience.”

Bob and Trig Smith came here from Geauga County to celebrate their wedding anniversary. For them it was about the music.

“To hear real people playing real music in a nice environment. That’s what we like.”

So, what’s the “take,” by the folks at Take 5?

“The food was really good, the service was good and the music was really nice,” said one patron.

“The first thing that hits you is the ambiance of the place. Kind of gives you a New York City feel, a Manhattan kind of feel. Then we were able to experience the food which was really delicious,” said another.

“Some other places I’ve been to in the south and some other states, it’s pretty comparable, it’s pretty good,” a third person said.

Claude Carson and Brian Gresham are hopeful that when the locals or visitors want to take in a little Cleveland nightlife, they’ll Take 5.

Take 5′s Grand Opening is Thursday, March 21.

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